I deserve…. Chicken Nuggets a pedicure

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I met Maggie, one of the smartest/sassiest people I have the pleasure of knowing; my rookie year at Concordia University in 2007. Mags, her roommate Cath, and I always pushed each other especially hard in the gym or off ice during our tri-weekly summer workouts with Liz (the Stinger’s amazing trainer extraordinaire). We challenged ourselves to get that extra rep on bench, shave that half-second off the pro-agility or reach another inch higher in the vertical jump. I was really #blessed to have those girls in my corner.

In season, we were only allowed to go out once a week, for the 24-hour window following our last hockey game of the weekend. I know that most girls on the team respected that rule since being hungover at practice SUCKS – but that meant that the 24-hour window was key for our social lives.

Back then, Mags and I had a saying – or more like a life style – that if we played hard, trained hard, studied hard, we DESERVED a pitcher (or 3) at the end of the week to unwind, and of course, we DESERVED nuggets #McDo. It’s no mystery why we were never recruited to Team Canada despite our athletic pursuits, folks. Basically, our whole reward system was based on food and booze – as I’m sure can be the case for many early-20-something year old university students.

Fast-forward to 2018, Maggie has established a healthy gym routine for herself at Limitless Performance (https://www.instagram.com/limitlessperformance), while pursuing her PhD in Waterloo.  The workouts she describes are reminiscent of the off-ice trainings with Liz, making me nostalgic for those days of muscles past. Mags recently told me about a body-fat challenge she was participating in at the gym – where the biggest loser received a 200$ gift card for Aveda services. Maggie was all in, because, in her words: ‘Mama needs herself some new highlights’. (Best of luck Marge)

On my end, I realized that I never really got rid of the ‘I deserve nuggets’ mentality. When I’ve had a tough week– I deserve a date night at Knox Tavern with my beau. Taylor’s birthday? We deserve a night out at Gibby’s to celebrate. When I successfully finish a semester at school, I deserve to unwind at Irish Embassy with my MBA cohorts. I literally had a 2-week span during my December 2017 exam period where I deserved a chocolate bar every single day. The gist is; Food = Reward = contributor to big white beluga belly for Meghan.

So, in the spirit of my healthier-me pursuits, I have decided to change the conversation and take a page out of Limitless Performance’s reward system. Therefore, for every 5 lbs I shed, I will treat myself as follows (TREAT YO-SELF).







I know some may say I should judge my progress by how I feel, not care about the weight, bla bla bla (cue Charlie Brown teacher voice). But with my busy schedule, I figure this is a measurable way of doing things — AND I GET TREATS AND I LOVE TREATS!!!

When I told her about my plans, Mags relayed the words of a coach at her gym to me: ‘You can’t control if you will lose weight or how much you lose. You can, however, 100% control what you ingest and how you expend your energy’. Good advice. So, I’ll control what I can, and I’ll make adjustments to my reward system when I need to (since yes, I concede 30 lbs might not be the most realistic of pursuits, and mama still wants herself a spa day).

Anyway, if you see me in the near future with a fresh to death haircut, congratulate me on my annihilation of 10lbs of blubber, K?

How do you reward yourself? What do you think of my system? Leave a comment below and let me know!


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