Your Stories!

I’m one of those people who does not shy away in social settings. While I know I can talk for days, I also love making new friends and listening to all they have to say – it’s how you learn and grow, right?!

I’m lucky to find myself surrounded by an array of people from all walks of life: lawyers, nurses, personal trainers, insurance workers, whiskey blenders, sports psychologists, teachers, full-time moms, students, consultants, film-makers, editors … the list is long! Each of these individuals have, at one point or another, taught me new concepts or offered new perspectives (and have made me laugh a LOT) – which I appreciate immensely.

These friends have also, to varying degrees, all fought the flablete fight – and what a good fight it is. We may have talked about our battles together, or not, but today I offer you a platform to voice your stories.

So, whether you are an old friend, new friend, or one that I have yet to make, I would love to hear from you. To this end, I’ve dedicated a whole section of my blog to YOU! Please visit my About You page for the first story from my dear Taylor. Not only does he put up with my lying to him about sneaky veggies (see my previous post below); but he now also agreed to lend his penmanship to my blog to inaugurate the new page.

Looking forward to hearing from you all too!

I lie to my boyfriend at least once a week

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Don’t get your panties in a bunch – I’m doing it for his (our) health.

My loving bf, Taylor, is quite the fan of meat and potatoes. I’m also mostly carnivorous, but try to incorporate veggies into most of our meals or even sprinkle some vegan/vegetarian dishes here and there within our menu too. One of my issues with the meatless dishes is that I have this huge aversion to mushrooms and I feel like a lot of recipes call for that slime-ball-fungus as a base/ source of protein. YUCK. Maybe I just don’t know how to cook them… but no. Gag.

Another less visceral issue is that during semester, I find myself being more prudent in the kitchen and sticking to recipes that I know. My busy schedule takes the brunt of the blame for my procrastination of learning the art of meatless cooking. However, this is a hurdle that I can overcome. I think that I am just intimidated by the fact that this cuisine is something new – because there ARE simple and fast vegan recipes available out there. Change can be so scary; but it shouldn’t stop you from trying new things (I am still talking about vegetables, right?).

So – in the spirit of adventure, at the end of a long day you will find me stalking Pinterest, googling recipes or watching YouTube videos of the Edgy Veg and her vegan creations. I’m actually pretty obsessed with the Edgy Veg for several reasons:

1- her meals look amazing and the ones that I have tried TURNED OUT WELL, which is a big deal.

2- she makes it look fun; but I can tell how much hard work she puts into this with her beau

3- she’s gorg and part of me probably just wants to be her.

I started small with her ginger turmeric shots in the morning and then moved on to her roasted sweet potato sandwiches.

I’ve started to toy with the idea of marinating tofu and putting together a vegetarian lasagna…but I don’t get much support for my stepping away from the meat+carb+side veg combo. Basically, when I suggest a meatless meal for dinner, Tay makes a face, stomps off, pouts, cries and throws a tantrum (for those who know my 6’7 broad-shouldered better half, this is a funny visual for you. You’re welcome).

So, for about the past 6 months, I have been sneaking meatless meals into our lives and just not telling him. LIES!!!!

Sometimes, he’s onto me. Other times I totally get away with it.

One of my favorite veggie-sneaks was these Mandarin Chick’n nuggets that he had nooooo idea weren’t chicken for a solid 4-5 months. And no, Gardein did not pay my unknown-ass for a sound bite.

Anyway, I was buying them about once or twice a month and we were loving these crispy yummy nugs. Then one day, we were shopping together, and he said: ‘Ou, let’s get some of those nuggies’ – as we were walking through the frozen MEAT section. Of course, we couldn’t find them there cause these puppies are housed in the frozen veggie aisle. When we found them with the vegetables, I lied horrendously that they were organic chicken, so they belong with natural food and, lord love him, Tay accepted this as the truth. To his defense, they really do taste like chicken and are super good.

Taylor recently discovered my subterfuge when I over-zealously bragged to one of our friends; who then proceeded to declare my deceit out loud in front of him (damn you Sabrina!😜). He was pretty devastated, but we’ve still eaten them a few times since I was found out. They’re that good.

I’ve also tried duping him with sweet potato quinoa tacos, vegetarian chili, a homemade vegetable burger (he was SO MAD about those burgers… poor guy wanted beef and bacon) and a few others – see my burgeoning recipes section for inspiration on how  you can lie to your significant other too.

What kinds of recipes do you like? Please share your experiences and favorite meals with me 😊



I deserve…. Chicken Nuggets a pedicure

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I met Maggie, one of the smartest/sassiest people I have the pleasure of knowing; my rookie year at Concordia University in 2007. Mags, her roommate Cath, and I always pushed each other especially hard in the gym or off ice during our tri-weekly summer workouts with Liz (the Stinger’s amazing trainer extraordinaire). We challenged ourselves to get that extra rep on bench, shave that half-second off the pro-agility or reach another inch higher in the vertical jump. I was really #blessed to have those girls in my corner.

In season, we were only allowed to go out once a week, for the 24-hour window following our last hockey game of the weekend. I know that most girls on the team respected that rule since being hungover at practice SUCKS – but that meant that the 24-hour window was key for our social lives.

Back then, Mags and I had a saying – or more like a life style – that if we played hard, trained hard, studied hard, we DESERVED a pitcher (or 3) at the end of the week to unwind, and of course, we DESERVED nuggets #McDo. It’s no mystery why we were never recruited to Team Canada despite our athletic pursuits, folks. Basically, our whole reward system was based on food and booze – as I’m sure can be the case for many early-20-something year old university students.

Fast-forward to 2018, Maggie has established a healthy gym routine for herself at Limitless Performance (, while pursuing her PhD in Waterloo.  The workouts she describes are reminiscent of the off-ice trainings with Liz, making me nostalgic for those days of muscles past. Mags recently told me about a body-fat challenge she was participating in at the gym – where the biggest loser received a 200$ gift card for Aveda services. Maggie was all in, because, in her words: ‘Mama needs herself some new highlights’. (Best of luck Marge)

On my end, I realized that I never really got rid of the ‘I deserve nuggets’ mentality. When I’ve had a tough week– I deserve a date night at Knox Tavern with my beau. Taylor’s birthday? We deserve a night out at Gibby’s to celebrate. When I successfully finish a semester at school, I deserve to unwind at Irish Embassy with my MBA cohorts. I literally had a 2-week span during my December 2017 exam period where I deserved a chocolate bar every single day. The gist is; Food = Reward = contributor to big white beluga belly for Meghan.

So, in the spirit of my healthier-me pursuits, I have decided to change the conversation and take a page out of Limitless Performance’s reward system. Therefore, for every 5 lbs I shed, I will treat myself as follows (TREAT YO-SELF).







I know some may say I should judge my progress by how I feel, not care about the weight, bla bla bla (cue Charlie Brown teacher voice). But with my busy schedule, I figure this is a measurable way of doing things — AND I GET TREATS AND I LOVE TREATS!!!

When I told her about my plans, Mags relayed the words of a coach at her gym to me: ‘You can’t control if you will lose weight or how much you lose. You can, however, 100% control what you ingest and how you expend your energy’. Good advice. So, I’ll control what I can, and I’ll make adjustments to my reward system when I need to (since yes, I concede 30 lbs might not be the most realistic of pursuits, and mama still wants herself a spa day).

Anyway, if you see me in the near future with a fresh to death haircut, congratulate me on my annihilation of 10lbs of blubber, K?

How do you reward yourself? What do you think of my system? Leave a comment below and let me know!